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2016 fourteenth Russia electronic components and PCB circuit board Exhibition

Time: 2016-04-13 ~ 2016-04-15

Hosting area: foreign

Venue: Expocenter Exhibition Center, Moscow



The exhibition area:

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Number of exhibitors in the last session:

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2016 Russia Electronic Components Exhibition (NEW ELECTRONICS 2016)

Exhibition time: April 13-15, 2016 Venue: Expocenter Exhibition Center, Moscow

Organizer: CHIPEXPO Exhibition Group

Supported by: Russian Federation Council Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Moscow City Government Science and Technology Office Moscow Industry and Trade Association

Introduction to the exhibition: The Russian Electronic Components Exhibition (NE) is the most authoritative and largest professional exhibition of electronic basic products in Russia and the whole of Eastern Europe. It was held in 2003 and has been held for 13 consecutive sessions. The organizing committee--CHIPEXPO exhibition The group has received strong support from the Russian government authorities such as the Russian Federation Council, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Science and Technology Department of the Moscow Municipal Government, and the Moscow Industry and Trade Association.

Last review: In the past year, Russia’s domestic economy suffered from the impact of falling oil prices, Western sanctions and Russia’s retaliatory import ban, and the economic contraction has stagnated. This exhibition coincides with the impact of this and is reflected in 2015. Both the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area have declined. However, according to the post-conference statistics of the organizers, NEW ELECTRONICS 2015, a three-day exhibition, hosted more than 300 companies from 18 countries, with an exhibition area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The 3, 4, 5, and 6 exhibition halls in Hall 7 of the Ruby Exhibition Center have all been opened again. Among them, the most influential electronic components companies in Russia (the top TOP25 in Russia) occupy most of the booths in Halls 3 and 4. The exhibition area is over 150 square meters of super-large special booths. The three-day exhibition has received nearly 10,000 buyers (main areas of military industry, energy, technology, telecommunications, aerospace and shipbuilding, transportation, urban facilities). The exhibition attracted the participation of microelectronics technology, electronic technology, high technology, measurement and industrial equipment. There are more than 40 cooperative media, participants and companies supply Russian More than 90% of electronic components and modules.

Chinese exhibitors exhibit product categories: connectors, micro switches, integrated circuit boards, crystals, terminals, semiconductor components, capacitors, relays, modules, instrumentation, power and management, ceramic components, cvd components.

exhibition criteria:

Various electronic components, electromechanical components, passive components and semiconductor products: diodes, crystals, memories, processors, integrated circuits, optoelectronic and display devices, connectors, various micro switches, relays, cables, filters, inductors , resistors, capacitors, transformers, microwave components, piezoelectric components, magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramic products, etc.; embedded systems, display products, power supplies, batteries

PCB, ED/EDA and circuit board assembly and inspection technology, packaging system;

Industrial control and automation, smart cards, micro-systems, test and measurement instruments; system integration and subsystems, IC packaging technology, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc.

The last famous exhibitors:

Compel, Symmetron, Petrointrade, Eltech, Efo, Promelektroniks, MT-Systems, Platan, FEK, Micro-M, Radiant-Elkom, Alkon, MacroGroup, Radiocomp, Gamma, Scanti Rus, Cec-Mc, Fulcrum, Rosspecpostavka, Prist, ECT , Abris, Aviton, Ultran, Esto-Vacum, SMP, Master Tool, Onyx Electro, Radar, Maraphon, EC ZIP, NAVIS and many others.

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General agent in China:

Beijing Bilian International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhao Shizhen

Tel: 010-51600981 E-mail: QQ:37538081

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